Lawyer fees

Before assigning us as your lawyer, we offer you an explanatory talk about the possible fees.

The legal fees for a lawyer are regulated in the RVG (the so-called Lawyer’s Compensation Act). This Act includes a remuneration list (VV), which determines which fees are incurred. The value of the dispute is decisive, i.e. your economic interest in the legal dispute.

The fees depend on certain steps of activity the lawyer renders, such as pre-trial correspondence, which is usually compensated with a 1,3 business fee from the remuneration list. And then other activities in court, about which we may inform you personally.

Since this is in some cases not as easy, if the object’s value cannot be determined by just the amount of its worth, we can find a solution by determining a fair value.

In some special cases of unquantified requests there are special values of the certain case, such as:

Eviction action in a tenancy: 1 year's rent

Divorce:  Quarterly net income of both spouses added together

Dismissals under employment law: three gross monthly salaries

In criminal cases, the Lawyers’s compensation Act has set framework fees for certain activities.

It is also possible to agree on hourly quotas or fixed fees outside the Lawyer’s Compensation Act by contract. Feel free to ask us upon that matter.

The Lawyer’s compensation Act is too extensive and too complex to describe it completely here. It also always depends on the individual case and its development, so that reliable information can most likely be given by us in a personal consultation.

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