Lawyer Marija Beeretz, LL.M.

Ms. Beeretz was admitted to the bar in 2021 and focuses her practice on the following fields of law: Criminal Law, the law of Guardianship and Medical Law LL.M.

Marija Beeretz joined our firm in 2023. After her law studies, Marija Beeretz additionally completed a Master of Law (LL.M.) in Medical Law at the University of Düsseldorf.

She comes from the field of medical care with her vocational training as a registered nurse and has taken her path into the legal profession against this background. Not infrequently, she can draw on her practical experience, and pursued this consistently in her further legal career with appropriate training branches (LL.M. medical law, the law of Guardianship).

Until joining the law firm Linke & Linke, she worked in an Aachen law firm, where she was able to further specialize in the field of care law, where she has now made a good name for herself with public authorities as well as with physicians and, last but not least, the clients themselves.

Ms. Beeretz is a passionate criminal defense- and guardianship law attorney with great knowledge, commitment and heart.

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